Whole Wheat Strawberry Walnut Loaf

When in season we love going to local farms that allow you to pick your own fruits and veggies.  A few weeks ago we went strawberry picking, which left me with an abundance of fresh strawberries. We were supposed to drop off a bag at my parents but never made it up there. So after using my favorite summer berry in smoothies, salads, and preserves, I decided to bake something with the remaining cup or so I had left.

I wanted to make something light, but also add some nutrient rich ingredients to get some nutritional benefits while indulging in a sweet snack.  Although I would not replace this with your breakfast or eat half the loaf in one sitting,  it does contain some heart healthy fats and added protein with the walnuts, as well as added protein by using plain greek yogurt. It’s a perfect guilt-free summer snack to satisfy those sweet cravings.


Lightly sweetened with turbinado sugar, this loaf has a light crunchy crust, is moist inside laced with crunchy buttery walnuts and fresh tart strawberries. So good!