bergamot + sage is great, the start to my day was not.

Have you ever had a morning where everything goes wrong and you want to go back to bed? Or just wake up in a negative mood and can’t seem to shake the cloudy and unmotivated-ness out of you? Of course. We all have no matter how positive of a person you may be.

Today I had one of those days. By the time it was 9:30 am I felt like the day already sucked. Bad. I was feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Not just with the day to day tasks but with the bigger questions and concerns I have in my life. From personal issues to my pen running out of ink to getting a parking ticket-  everything pissed me off and made me want to laugh/cry at the same time.  My mind was so filled with frustration and fog.  I was too busy dwelling on my present mood, that I was not able to focus or appreciate all of the wonderful things that I could accomplish and experience with the entire day that was ahead of me.

Depositphotos_21527521_xsAfter a few moments of self-pity, anger and frazzled-ness, I quickly took some time to read a few inspirational quotes and excerpts I collect, being drawn to them for some reason or other at one time. I came across one that stood out, that really spoke to my current mood,  and that honestly helped turn my day around.  I wanted to share it with you.

Even when the day gets off to a bad start you can still give it a good ending. Just because you have been unproductive doesn’t mean you have to stay that way.

Look back at the opportunities you’ve missed just long enough to give yourself a little inspiration. Then look ahead to the opportunities that you now can fulfill.

What’s important now is what you can do with now. This is the first moment of a more effective, more productive, more purposeful you.

The delays, setbacks and disappointments are over. It is now time to leave the excuses behind as you move persistently ahead.

Sit still for a moment and absorb the amazing energy of opportunity that is now yours. Then stand up and get busy making meaningful use of all that opportunity.

What you can do with now is whatever you choose. Choose the best, and find real joy in lifting your whole world higher.


If and when you find yourself with one of these sucky, unproductive mornings, or even afternoons, you can still turn the day around. Just start with your mind, a specific goal, and the future, not the past.  I often find myself dwelling on things I have yet accomplished that day, instead of just DOING them. We are all guilty, but just be aware and try to keep it in mind the next time you feel that way.

Another thing that helped my day turn out for the better, aside from a productive afternoon, was a hot cup or bergamot + sage tea. It is my absolute favorite tea right now. I can’t get enough- especially on these chilly early fall afternoons.

Not only do I love the earthy, piney and citrusy flavors of the tea but it has some great benefits. The combination is known to boost your mood and deliver mental clarity. Sage is known to have antioxidant properties, which help to fight free radicals. It is also an antifungal and antiviral, as well as relieve tension, settle nerves, and soothe headaches. Bergamot is used in traditional chinese medicine to assist with the flow of vital energy, which aids digestion and helps to keep you vibrant and energized. It also helps alleviate cold and flu symptoms, and is an antiseptic and antifungal.

Sip up, I highly reccomend it.

Especially on a day like today.