Natural Remedies for Sunburn

Is it finally safe to say we made it through this crazy winter that Mother Nature sent us?! I sure hope so! We’ve been cooped up all winter long, covering up every ounce of skin from multiple layers of socks to our fashionable frumpy hats. This only means two things 1) we are going to run outside to feel the warm beautiful sunshine and get our much needed Vitamin D fix and 2) our pasty white skin is prone to turn into the color of a perfectly ripe cherry tomato if not properly protected.

As much as we like tomatoes, we don’t want our skin to resemble one. I am a huge advocate of taking preventative measures and wearing sunscreen at all times. (I wear 75 SPF on my face all summer and at least 35 SPF in the winter) Not only does too much exposure to the sun cause wrinkles and speed the process of aging, it also causes more serious issues like melanoma and other serious skin conditions. So please don’t forget to cover up while getting your Vitamin D.


However, in some cases the inevitable happens. You weren’t expecting to be sitting in the sun as long as you planned or maybe you didn’t think the sun was that strong.  Here on the east coast our skin hasn’t seen the sun in SO long so our pale winter skin is sure to burn fast.   Another downside of any sun burns in the first few weeks of summer: those obnoxious tan lines we just can’t seem to get rid of.

In the case of the (hopefully rare) sunburn we have come up with some natural at home remedies that will cure your burn fast:

Heal your sunburn with a lukewarm bath (hot water will dry skin even more) with any of the following ingredients (or a combo). The best part – most can be found right in your very own kitchen!

Witch hazeloatmeal-bath

Cucumber juice

Whole milk

Baking soda

Apple cider vinegar: dilute ¼ cup with 2 cups of water


Tea: Add tea to 2 cups of boiled water, let it COOL, then add it to the bath.

Another remedy for sizzled skin in an itch-relieving backing soda-ACV compress:

The acetic acid from the ACV relieves the pain while the backing soda soothes. A simple paste is made with ¼ acv and ¼ cup baking soda. A few drops of lavender oil and apply it right on the sunburn. This also works for pesky bug bites.

Good luck! Remember to get your Vitamin D responsibly and try to avoid too much sun exposure this summer 🙂


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